NO.2 GAUGE / B&O / C.1900 / VOLTAMP

boucher g2

All credit to and via TheSaleRoom

Voltamp was created in 1863 by the wonderfully-named Manes Fuld, whose father ran a Baltimore, Maryland, general store. Like many of his brilliant train-building peers, Fuld was a notable member of his city’s thriving Jewish community.

He built all his models to run on 2-inch gauge track, just like other early US and British manufacturers. Fuld’s first train appeared in 1903, and by 1907 they were all powered by the magic of electricity.

The example above is a 2-inch gauge engine in his native Baltimore & Ohio livery, and is about as prototypical as Voltamp ever got. Voltamp exited the market in 1922, selling its line to Boucher, and just as 2 1/8-inch Standard gauge began to be de rigueur.


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