All credit to and via TCAWestern

Georges Carette began making trains with the Bing brothers in 1886, before taking over the reigns of the business in the mid-1890s. At that point, having tired of making magic lanterns (as I suspect one would), he turned his companies talent for lithographed metal sheet to the construction of tinplate model locomotives and rolling stock. He secured his future by contracting with Wenman Joesph Bassett-Lowke to produce models for the British market.

Like Bing, Fuld (of Voltamp) and Basset-Lowke himself, Carette came from a wonderfully-talented Jewish family, and at the outbreak of WWI he was advised to leave Germany and head to France. By 1918, like many minority-owned businesses in Germany, the company was forcefully ‘liquidated’ and Carette as a train-making entity was no more.



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